Mother Meera

"The whole purpose of my work is in the calling down of the Paramatman Light and in helping people. For this I came — to open your hearts to the light."      

"Whatever doubts come, however frightning they are, know they are the creation of your mind. Only the light is real."  

           ~ Mother Meera

Mother Meera Phoenix


About Mother Meera

Mother Meera is the living incarnation of the Divine Mother. The Divine Mother is the Force and Consciousness that sustains Creation. The work of the Divine Mother is the transformation of humanity into God, of time into Eternity, of matter into Divine Matter. Her work is a work of transformation. It has no end.


Mother Meera has come to purify the consciousness of the earth so it may be ready for Transformation. She is calling down onto the earth the light of the Supreme that makes transformation certain. Her work in our time is to open all people to the power and radiance of this Light so the Divine Will may be done and the Divine Life established on earth.


Mother wants no one to change their religion; She is not interested in "conversion." For Her it has no meaning. Whatever Incarnation you believe in, pray to Him or Her with all your heart and soul. All prayers sincerely addressed to the Divine go to Her; all sincere cries of the soul are heard and answered by Her; all pure opening to the Divine are openings to Her and Her Light. Mother's work is for the World, for all creeds, for all castes and all colours. She is the Mother of us all and in Her Love we should live in peace and love.


Mother Meera's Work

Mother Meera understands human nature totally and knows how difficult it is on Earth. She helps all types of people whatever their life situation or stage of awareness. Other incarnations tend to focus their help on those on one stage of life.


Mother has also opened a school for small children in Madanapalle, Andhra Pradesh, India.

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Question: Mother, may I know Your work, please?
MM: First of all, I bring down the Light and establish Peace, also I help the people to surrender to the Divine, to remember the Divine and to be faithful and sincere to their religion or to their belief. I help people to be happy in their families.

Q: What is your main purpose?
MM: It is to help humans and to make them happy, peaceful, contented, harmonious, and loving. Happiness and spiritual growth are connected. Being peaceful and being happy form the most important foundation of spiritual practice. Then the practice goes by itself.

Q: What is your aim?
MM: To protect all aspects of the human being.





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