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"Happiness and spiritual growth are connected.
Being peaceful and being happy form the most important foundation of spiritual practice. Then the practice goes by itself."

Welcome to Mother Meera Phoenix

Mother Meera is an incarnation of the Divine Mother and gives Darshan, Her silent bestowal of Grace and Light through Her gaze and touch. Mother gives Darshan in silence. It is Her gift to humanity. Darshan is free, however reservations are required.

Mother Meera's Darshan Schedule

Meditation for Children in Germany
Mother Meera has announced Children’s Meditation Weekends at Mother’s in Balduinstein, Germany! Children from babies to 12 years are invited to attend these special programs, which will be held every Saturday and Sunday when Mother is in Germany. For dates and other details, click here: http://mothermeera.de/children.html

Personal Questions for Mother Meera
If you have personal questions for Mother Meera, you can call Her on Darshan Days. You can ask your questions through her Secretary. Check back for details.



"The Divine Mother has always been worshipped as the sustaining soul and force of the universe. Although some of the faces she wears are well known - Kali, the Virgin Mary, Isis, for example - many of Her embodied forms have chosen to work quietly in the world. In turbulent times such as these, several incarnations of the Divine Mother move among us, each with Her particular task of healing or protection, or transformation. One of the most widely revered and loved of these Avatars of
the Divine Mother is
Mother Meera."


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